Sunday, March 2, 2008

A non-stop week work and otherwise.

I had clients in town so my work days didn't end till 11PM most nights. It was great fun overall, but I'm glad the weekend's here.

Highly recommended restaurant of the week: Mamacita on Chestnut. The servers were very accommodating (for a loud table of 17) and the food was just divine

Met up with the girls for dinner at SPQR where rustic Italian fare is done well. Review by Melissa to come on Yelp -- I'll post the link once it's ready!

TGIF - dropped by at the pre-Noise Pop party at Diesel where free drinks were served

Tanner and I with 2 Utah girls we met (guess who's married?)

I wore the bf's shirt with a thin loosely hung white belt. His lingering cologne drove me crazy all day long - Miss you hon

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