Sunday, February 3, 2008

2 worlds

I'm missing the bf immensely even though he's no more than 10 feet away from where I'm sitting. Tomorrow I leave for home, and if we count the days, I'll only have 5 days with him before I depart for SF. 5 days and not even whole ones. By my calculations, half the time we'll spend sleeping, and a lil' less than half he'll spend working. That makes it a maximum of 1 full day left with the bf. Isn't that just peachy.

This past week, I've witnessed instances that caused me to be blown away by the bf's patience, selflessness, and ability to overcommunicate in all aspects of his life. Despite everything, he still manages the occasional joke causing chronic laughter (typical of Chris) or a subtle wink when he approves of an outfit. I can't think of anyone I admire more in life, and I'm proud to say he's my boyfriend.

The toughest part now -- is making the right decision. This is going to hurt for awhile. That and my constant worrying over permanent anosmia.

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