Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hokkien mee night

The bf's family had a Hokkien mee party last night. Mind you, it's not the same kind you see in Malaysia with dark sauce. But because it's uncle's secret recipe, it's pretty damn dee-li-cious anyway.

Mise en place

Aunty prepping the kitchen

Uncle keeping a watchful sifu eye on the bf

With the kitchen all scrubbed...

...and the bf well equipped

...the crowd gathered to watch him in action


The chef adding qi to his masterpiece

And voila! Singaporean-style Hokkien mee. Yum

The 1st person to be served is of course uncle, for his wisdom in Hokkien mee and patient teachings

The chef serving other guests

This is 1 proud family

Moving on...

It's Nat's turn! Here's Aunt Virgie and Nat prepping for ingredients for the second batch

It seems there are more interested spectators to this batch. Guess whose batch turned out better?

The crowd was fair and agreed both batches were "different." As much as I love the bf, I preferred Nat's. This just means more practice dear! *Kiss

Dugong and her signature squatting pose

Dugong and her granny


As everyone was busy eating, I couldn't resist shots of the house:

And so the night ended with pineapple tarts as it always does during CNY season. I am a diabetic waiting to happen.


shuquan said...

Wow,seems like you are having alot of fun in Sg. Chris lost weight, tell him I said that =). Hope uncle's fine.

Danielle Bumblebee said...

thanks dearie.. uncle's ok so far.. i'll def tell chris what u said.. :)

looking forward to going home tomorrow n wish u were here..

Angry Yellow Man said...


*if chris pops over to kl let me know i'll take him for some BLACK REAL hokkien mee grrrrrr GRRRRRRRRRR GRRrrrrrrrrrROWLLL!!!

agrasshopper said...

Looks like a night of real family fun! yay! so happy to see everyone's enjoying :)

hi tot he ppl so far away and happy new year!

Mad Baker said...

The Hokkien mee looks fantastic! It's one of my favourite dishes to have when we eat out. I'll bet it tastes better homemade and with family around too. :o)

Danielle Bumblebee said...

aym: i'll bring chris back if u'll treat :) u know me.. i ain't good with directions..

sw: happy cny to u too! hope u're feeling better..

mbaker: tx again for ur yummy macs.. next time we do this in singapore, we'll make sure to extend an invite..