Friday, February 15, 2008

On steroids

I was going to title this post "ENT antibiotic and steroids," but as it's still Chinese New Year, I figured I'd keep the medical discussions on the down low. After all, bad health ain't auspicious and having been home for a bit, I learned a thing or 2 about feng shui (superstitious) stuff like that.

I'm missing home quite a bit despite being in Singapore. But as any worry-wart does, I'm focusing less of what's around me now, but rather what "terrible things" I'll face in the near future. Just the kind of typical pessimistic behavior I'd like to rid myself of. The resolutions I set for 2008 didn't quite make it during Jan-Feb it makes sense to start fresh upon my return to SF.

List of things I'd like to take with me to the U.S. but can't:

1. Family
2. Mommy dearest's freshly-squeezed fruit juices in the AM
3. My dad's specialty: Buddha jump over the wall
4. Lola our puppy
5. Swimming pool overlooking a lake with bright blue floors from the scorching sun
6. Homemade Chinese soups
7. Edwin and gang
8. Family gatherings
9. Gambling sessions
10. Girlfriends
11. Karaoke in the basement
12. Overstocked fridge and pantries
13. Not doing chores ever (this isn't a "thing" but it makes a damn lotta difference! Think daily laundry service)
14. Bread story
15. The bf

*Our Valentine's Day was spent "romantically" at Tan Tock Seng where the bf sat by my side, patiently waiting for me to be called into the dr's office. Consultation fees were SD$280 and prescription SD$85. The gentlemanly bf who's been working day and night for the past week (and had no plans for V-day) graciously offered to "gift" me with these fees.

"Swoon" :P

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