Thursday, January 17, 2008

All the wrong indulgences

You know those
cheese sandwich bloggers? Well today, I'm going to be 1 of them more so than usual.

Right now, it's 12 midnight and I have a tarte d'Alsace with caramelized onions, ham and gruyere cheese baking in the oven. A bottle of smart water by my side and my laptop on my lap (where else could it be right?) I'm well-equipped to detox myself from all the alcohol in my system.

It all started with a presentation I had to do this afternoon for some partner agencies and a client. When asked for advice, a friend told me how he'd normally handle a task like this: simply down a shot of whiskey prior to the meeting. Of course, sensible me refused to do so, and headed into the conference room well-prepared. In the end, I think I did pretty well. Not to seem full of myself of course, but there was zero nervousness, which is a lot to say about me.

So right after work, I decided to celebrate with a coworker (and a Grey Goose gimlet as well as a Midori sour). Upon reaching home, I commended myself for handling everything so well and proceeded to bake some Macarune orders. And that, was when my Tiffany necklace (gift from the dear bf) and David Yurman chain necklace got tangled leaving me disarrayed. I finished up the Macarune order, and delivered it to my neighbor, the customer, upon which I was offered a glass of wine. Of course I couldn't resist a good Stag's Leap red (aren't I just all about product-placement today?), and so I sat.

Hours pass and there I was talking about politics and religion, red-in-the-face with wine. It took me quite a bit to get my ass off her comfy couch and hit the showers.

11:45PM. All I could think of as the water hits my face are Capital chicken wings. So here I am eating an otherwise decadent tarte wishing it were something else at 12:28AM. There's got to be something better than this.

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