Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I heart NY

Think smothering pollution, unpredictable weather, dirty subways and sky-high rent for shoe box apartments. People spit on the streets (not just in Chinatown) and shove you if you don't walk quickly enough. Behold, ladies and gents, the island of jaded folks who couldn't care less when a person screams for help in broad daylight:


Despite it all, I think I've fallen deeply in love once again (my first love being the bf, of course). It happened last week when I made a trip the big Apple for work, and stayed the weekend with friends. At work I experienced deja vu during a college-like lecture, and at play I experienced my first Shabbat (thanks Arielle for hosting my stay). We made it to the Ganservoort for work, and Bobby Flay's Bar Americain (with dear Wendy) for play. All in all, it was a great reunion of sorts and here are some pictures to share.

Where I stayed - W Hotel Union Square

Pictures from work:

Pictures from play:

Wendy at Bar Americain. We had all-American fries with red pepper aioli

Wendy and Marcos

Wendy and me at Craftbar

Ryan the tough guy

Ryan the overexcited storyteller

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