Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wine, dine & it's all fine...

The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving were a blur with work (lots of it) and Macarune orders. Any time the bf and I had, we spent with Shawna. Here are pics, cause I really need to hit the gym.

Trip to Napa:

Guess where?

The bf: normal

The bf: not-so-normal

View from the top

The weather was just amazing. Perfect day for Napa



Ahi tuna tartare with a touch of ginger atop a bed of seaweed

Duo plated foie gras

Seared ahi tuna

The bf's usual: chicken breast with crispy skin

Veal sweetbreads millefeuille


Group shot

The bf

The girls

...and me

At the Mondavi estate where Shawna got a bottle of Moscato D'Oro. Next time, I promise we'll go somewhere else

Yee ha!

Dinner at Koo restaurant:

Shy Shawna

Hamachi-stuffed jalapenos and ahi tuna

Tokyo crunch, Kamikaze roll and toro roll

Chocolate pyramid with ginger ice cream

Shawna's birthday:

Making a wish with pretzel candles

The crew



veron said...

Hi Danielle, that looks like auberge de soleil restaurant in Napa...
congratulations on being mentioned in the SF

Danielle Bumblebee said...

thanks veron. it was a delightful experience with Macarune.

good eye.. the restaurant is auberge du soleil.. i should really start exploring the other places in napa, but am just too attached to that place..