Monday, November 19, 2007

Macarune in SF Chronicle

Macarune's in the news again! This time, it's the
Style section of SF Chronicle -- Northern California's Largest Newspaper. In other words, the NYT of San Francisco -- within a Marie Antoinette feature. Click here to read the article>

...and here for an up-close shot>

It's exciting to be featured in an article that directly relates to 1 of the many things that inspired my macaroon baking: Sofia Coppola's biopic of Marie Antoinette. Admittedly, I watched the film twice on a long flight and was mesmerized by the vibrant colors. It was hard not to be delighted by Kirsten Dunst's costumes with their splashes of pinks, violets and aquas. I am a girl after all.

And the pastries! Oh the pastries. How I longed for them as I chewed the dubious meat from the flimsy aluminum tray rested upon my lap. Was I lucky enough to land some place I could get my hands on the unmistakable
Ladurée macaroons? No - I reminded myself. I was going to SEA. And so the baking began, shortly upon my return to SF.

This article was also in the Sunday papers dated today, 11/18/2007. Shawna bought me a copy at the market and watched in shock as I tore into the 3 1/2 lb paper looking for my article :) Such impatience. I'll be sure to scan a copy for posting soon.

*Bubbly toast. Here's to more PR and perfect macaroons fresh OOTO!


agrasshopper said...

YAY! I know a famous baker now... and yes, when I watched that movie by Sofia Coppola, all I remembered is the precious food and dainty shoes.

Danielle Bumblebee said...

i'm hardly famous.. :) maybe in another yr, i'll be featured instead!