Tuesday, September 25, 2007

We have a new baby!

Guess who arrived in the mail today??! My brand new Dell Inspiron 1520, 15.4" ruby red baby! *Multiple kisses to the bf. I am calling her my strawberry. Not very original, but then again my first laptop was goldfish. So go figure.

My first blog entry from this virgin laptop: the bf set strawberry up while I ate strawberry macaroons and fooled around with the camera. Now I have 3 loves of my life. Strawberry, French macaroons and the bf. Such is bliss.

This is Catherine's strawberry macaroon order btw
Disclaimer: the 1 I ate (and put against my eye) was an extra from the batch of 16

I'm holding off on posting pics of the laptop -- cause it's a lot more impressive in the light. God knows we have lousy lighting in our apt.

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