Monday, September 24, 2007

Rojac wedding

The bf and I went to our first Indian/Chinese wedding reception last night. We were psyched getting gifts for Jackie and Rohit's big day and even more psyched when guests started flocking in in their brightly-colored attires. Mesmerized by saris with neatly sewn sequins, gold threading and chiffon scarfs, I felt so under dressed in my clinch-waist floral dress. I really gotta get myself 1 of those.

Being strangers to everyone at the wedding but the bride and groom, Chris and I discussed our dream weddings standing by the bar, mango lassis in our hands. His involves gadgets and flip flops while mine, a simple pre-designed ivory Vera Wang. We missed the PM wedding where Rohit arrived on a horse. Talk about a grand entrance. This in addition to what we experienced all night made the bf repeatedly say, "I wish I were born Indian."

Milpitas India Community Center where the reception was held

Mandatory photo under the golden arch

Wed Snoopies

Chaat, chai and more

Asians licking Ganesh. Something's not right about this pic

Me and my mango lassi

Cocktail reception satay, chaat and curry puff

Highlight of the evening

At the bride and groom's table

At Chris and Danielle's table


This kid has rocking socks

It's obvious I don't take good care of my figure. 3 plates of dessert! Repeatedly. I promise I'll be healthy starting tomorrow

My first plate
Clockwise from left: mango pudding, strawberry dipped in chocolate, nutty Indian sweet, milky Indian sweet, fruit tart and mini eclair

Chris' dessert plate with half of my choices (that just wouldn't fit on mine)

Jackie wore 3 dresses in 1 night: a Cheongsam, a heavily embroidered Indian dress, and this cocktail number

Wedding favors

Wedding gift from the SF Moma
Matching dinner bowls and chopsticks imported from Japan symbolizing more dinners together in the many years to come

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