Wednesday, September 26, 2007

SW's goodbye n&m party

SW's leaving us for brighter city lights, lousy food, risky roulette, dry dessert air and drag queens. I guess I am a bit bitter about this departure. No more venting at work. Waaahh!

To ease our sorrows, we celebrated with an N&M party. I'm not at liberty to say what N or M are, but we had phenomenal food, mostly prepared by Shawna aka
TripleEyelids. Ok -- hint we had a lot of
noh hiang. It's my first time eating this Teochew dish. The bf was as happy as a child offering to help more than usual.

The bf checking out Shawna's apt

SW & a beancurd skin heart

noh hiang

Shawna teaching the class

Nervous student completed the 1st test

Class clown making too-big
noh hiangs

We were experts after a few


Si fu at work

Dennis relaxing as we slaved away

Deep fried & fantastic!
Stuffed with prawns, meat, carrots, water chestnuts and some special blend sauce

Sambal okra

Egg omelet with pickled radish

Dennis ready to eat

Shawna too! Finally

Erick and Shinta came just in time

Beef stew

Sambal prawns

Teochew porridge

The spread

There's more?
Princess cake from Schubert's

Pistachio cakes from the Macarune kitchen!


SW Scissorhands

Erick eyeing the cake

Parting gift from SW

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