Thursday, September 6, 2007

Off we went

Seattle. What can I say about it? A city about a 1/2 the size of SF in pop, rainy for the most part even (once) while we were there -- and we were there during peak season when birds fly and skies shine blue. I guess rain adds to the city's charm. That, along with the pigs that line the sidewalks.

Seattle's also the city with an 8.9% sales tax and the highest suicide rate of all cities (apparently not true now. Montana and Wyoming top Washington. But Kurt Cobain's death killed most of us anyways right??!). The people are usually referred to as "nice Seattle folks." Noted on the downtown map: You will find that the natural beauty of our city is matched only by the kindness and courtesy of our people.

I digress.

Prior to the trip, the bf and I armed ourselves with many a tip from friends who once lived in or are from Seattle.

"Check out Fremont and Belltown. Those are cool places"
"Fremont's kinda like Haight before Haight became Haight"
"The Space Needle's kinda touristy (in response to "We'd rather not do anything touristy") but it's still pretty AWESOME"
"The food is great there!"

And so the story unfolds.

We took the shuttle to the airport straight from work

Tired but excited

And a little smug from having completed work soon enough to rush home


Upon arrival, we scrimped and saved and took the bus to our hotel

The bf looks a lot cooler standing at the bus stop.
Must be the hair

Once at The Grand Hyatt, I started taking the obligatory hotel pictures for Livie since she's in the industry. Look Liv! All Kohler faucets!

There was a shower in addition to the bath. My Fresh bath salts did not go to waste during this trip

The hotel was fantastic. 5-star ratings from the bf and me -- and we're pretty picky as you know. Perfect location and impressive service

We got late night sushi cause it's our tradition to eat on hotel beds...

...watched TV, and passed out

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