Thursday, September 6, 2007

First morning in the city, we took a stroll down to Pike Place Market, witnessed some fish-tossing, and took a ton of colorful produce pictures -- for you mom!

The grocers are very competitive, and displays mean a lot. This means a strict "no touching" policy is enforced at all times

Don't mean to be a snob but Frog Hollow Farm is better

Piroshky Piroshky as recommended by Anthony Bourdain

Totem pole by the market

The bf's fav pic of the trip

The traditional feet picture (possibly the bf's 2nd fav pic)

Once we were done with downtown (and I mean the whole of downtown plus Belltown), we bought some doughnuts in preparation for our Simpson's movie date

It's pretty popular to line book shelves against the wall as decor in Seattle

We had dinner at Palace Kitchen, a Tom Douglas restaurant

Can't go wrong with deep-fried squash blossoms

The food was good overall if not a tad bit salty. I'd describe it as a fancified Cheesecake Factory but slightly better. Can't complain

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