Monday, July 2, 2007

How I celebrated the end of June..

the end of the quarter, and the beginning of summer.

Friday night:
Bellinis, champagne and strawberries at the Bubble Lounge with SW and S.

Hello? Hello??!
Someone please rescue me from lousy pick-up lines

Sometimes it gets too sunny in the club

Bubble lamp at the Bubble Lounge

Saturday: Walk downtown, shopping and Ratatouille with the bf. Apologies to those who were
texted multiple times on how FANTASTIC the movie was. I couldn't help it cause I loooooved it. LOVED IT.

Thou shall not laugh

I used to live on these.
Now I live on him (see the kid behind the mags?)
No no. Not Alfred E. Neuman. The Asian kid

The bf marking his territory

Acute analysis of the $50 sandal

Sorry Michael. Maybe next week?

Mmm... popcorn

Mmm.. Jumbo-sized soda

Sunday: Stuffing our faces (and drinking on the streets! Yes, we don't usually get to do that here) at the Fillmore Jazz Fest. Hitting balls at the range and prepping for my FIRST order of
macarons :) Yipee!

Crispy chicken, funnel cake and fattie!


Glug glug glug

Absolutly funny

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