Wednesday, July 4, 2007

First batch (for sale)

Yes, it's true. I'm proud to see my babies go.

Coffee and rose French macaroons
I'm calling them macaroons from now on just cause macaron seems to confuse everyone

Putting my love for ribbons to good use

Final touch, and out the door!

Name cards to-go

The sample macaroons and temporary menu that started it all

I'm finalizing the menu (which will include cupcakes and shortbread!) and should have it distributed to the "taste-testers" with the final tasting batch shortly. I hope you're as excited as I am.


Jia Meei said...

Do you do international shipping *hopeful

And you make a very cute drunk!

Vee Ann said...

I am!! Very excited!! I love that you're doing this, and please PLEASE send me some, and a little side order of gumption too. :o)

agrasshopper said...

I have already invited myself to your next tasting party. Thanks!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

sorry ladies.. no international shipping.. these little things r so delicate, they prob won't last 5 hrs in the humidity without refrigeration.. that's not to say i can't whip something up for u to try next time i'm home.

thanks for all ur support!!!

v.ann: u can have a main order of gumption if u like :) but i'm not sure i can provide that..

tripleeyelids said...

you are my new friend!! they look DELICIOUS!!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

thanks shawna :) ur cooking looks pretty delicious too.. makin my stomach growl..

Suzanne said...

I am glad to see that you do know the correct spelling, because other than that you looked like a true expert!

I will need to order some soon....only I need to wait for some occasion to share them, or I'd eat them all myself in a flash!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

hi suzanne,

i have to admit they are pretty addictive.. :) macarune's a play on the word macaroon.. kinda like the 'beatles'..

let me know if you want to look at the menu.. i can always send it over via email..