Tuesday, May 15, 2007

C-R-A-Z-Y for chocolate

I got a little nuts over chocolate this weekend. Didn’t I say I was gonna bake? Well bake I did. Mini vanilla cupcakes with chocolate ganache, chocolate macarons and my favorite, good ol’ brownie. Btw, ganache as glam as it sounds, literally means “fool.” I wonder if it’s because it’s so easy to make even a fool…

The macarons didn’t form any feet as they baked. And some of them deflated and cracked! Boohoo… Oh well. No point crying over spilt milk. I’d rather have a glass of milk. PLUS everyone says that chocolate macarons are the hardest to master, and I believe them now.

Yummies cooling

Getting chocolate all over myself

See? No feet!!!
So not Ladurée

Oh-so-focused on piping
Notice how the only cookie rack I have has Santa on it?
And that green cloth you see on the chair?
That was a X'mas gift, and yes, it has Santa on it too

Mini mouthfuls of vanilla and chocolate

My first time piping with this tip. Can you believe it?
Me, a crazy baker? First time piping with a #32?
I def need practice

This brownie recipe's my fav because it creates a super fudge-like brownie
that feels almost like eating a chewy slab of sticky chocolate

I had to think twice before licking the knife

Ooey gooey yummies

I shared some goodies with my neighbor Candice accompanied by a bottle of B.R. Cohn Sonoma Valley Merlot (gift from her) which was really good. I don't usually order/buy Merlot, but this made me an instant fan. Tipsy on a Monday night. How perfect.

All this baking/eating leads us to a related topic. Remember 1 of the items on my wish list? Well I started by sending this email out to my friends today asking for testers:

Hi ladies,

As some of you already know and some of you are just finding out now, I'm thinking of starting a word-of-mouth pâtisserie in my very own kitchen. To start, I need some willing testers who will provide solid feedback on the goodies. Of course, there are minor prerequisites which I'm sure you already possess:

  1. an appetite for all things sweet and yummy (I will provide mini quantities so as to not make anyone a turkey. Promise)
  2. an eye for all things pretty
  3. a knack for constructive feedback
  4. a willingness to meet for pickup (we can work this out as we go)

Some of the examples of recipes to be tested are:
- cupcakes
- pavlovas
- cookies
- macarons
- biscotti
- florentines

If you're vegan or allergic, we could include you for testing on those products alone. Let me know if you're interested. Karie I'm already counting you and Jeff in because you live right by me, and have a supercute dog I can't resist squeezing :)

Big hugs to all,


If I missed you (I sent this frantically at work), or if you live in the Bay area and are interested, do not hesitate to call. I’d love to add you to the list.


Jiameei said...

You're adorable! :D

OOOH chocolate macarons! I likey

Lovely pictures :)

Danielle Bumblebee said...

thanks! :)

btw, i moderate my comments only coz blogspot won't alert me if i dont, n i end up not responding to the comments posted.. plus it's insurance in case some "uncle" comes on n types obscene things my kid sisters r censored from :D

Jiameei said...

Oh so cute! Your kid sisters read your blog?

And you WERE from Malaysia before, right?


Danielle Bumblebee said...

yup n yup.. born n raised :)

M said...

I am beyond interested. But I'm in the East Bay. I am going through your archives (home sick tonight) and am drooling over all the goodies.