Friday, April 6, 2007

One Saturday night:

Went to friend’s apt for a birthday party. Left smelling like bulgogi and dog slobber.

Headed to Noe Valley. Parked car. Met more friends. Shared cab to club Circolo.

Arrived at Circolo. Refused to pay cover. Got my way. Got comped.

Had first drink: cranberry Grey Goose. Had first shot: Incredible Hulk. Had enough.

Danced with the bf. Got asked for number 3 times despite dancing with the bf.

Stepped outside. Laughed at fighting drunken girls. Hailed cab. Went to Sparky’s diner with 7 friends.

Stepped into Sparky’s. Stared (awed) at the cool rocker surroundings.

Counted number of tattooed rocker waiters: 6. Counted number of spiky neon-haired customers: 8 ½. Counted number of Asians in the diner: Just us.

Ordered bacon, eggs, blueberry pancakes and a chocolate malt. Dug in.

Had a bite of the bf’s burger. Had some of Borina’s curly fries. Asked for to-go cups for leftover malt.

Walked out in the cold. Hailed yellow cab. Headed back to Noe Valley.

Slept in the car on my way home. Tipped malt over while dozing off. Panicked at the sight of chocolate goo all over leather seats.

Grabbed Wet-ones from glove compartment. Cursed Wet-ones for not being wet. Apologized to the patient bf.

Arrived home. Ran out of car. Dumped jacket in dry-cleaning bag. Grabbed paper towels. Ran back to garage. Wiped car seat.

Showered. Went online. Passed out.

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