Thursday, April 5, 2007

Lunchbox edition: Part I

You know you’ve become scarily like a mom when you’re swamped at work and all you can think of is “What am I going to do with the slab of fresh chicken leftover from…?” This innate sense of knowing what’s in my fridge, where everything is, and what the expiration dates are haunts me as I’m at work building decks. I blame my mom.

As a result of the nagging thought of unused fresh chicken in my head, I rushed home at 6 carrying my laptop with me. So what if I have to bring work home? I have a piece of chicken to get rid off! Lol. Tell me I’m not crazy? I unlocked the door, dropped my bags, went straight to the kitchen, and started furiously cubing chicken. It had to be done. 2 more days in the fridge and it would’ve gone bad. What did I end up making? Not dinner. I already made lotus soup the night before. Mom radar alert II. How about lunchboxes? Mom radar alert III. Organic whole wheat pasta? I’m doomed.

So here you go. Your librarian chick of a (mom-like) blogger made two lunchboxes filled with organic whole wheat spaghetti. I really didn’t mean for the organic and whole wheat part to increase the “mom” effect. Thank goodness I hate kids half the time.

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