Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gym mania

With our recent indulgences, there’s really no excuse to skimp on exercise. Today we went to the gym at 8PM expecting to leave by 10. By 9PM, having done some sit-ups and weights, I noticed the gym lights dimming. Tickled by the thought that no one was around (it was after all a Saturday night) I danced by myself in the weight room humming loudly to Sinatra.

As I reached the shower, which I LOVE btw (no gym has a bathroom as warm and inviting as the Bay Club’s), I heard a chiding voice, “HEY! We close at 9!” To which I responded with an “Oops.” Then softly and almost scared, I muttered, “I think the bf’s still here.”

“Was he swimming??!”
“I already told him to get out. We close at 9”
“Ok” – obediently
“Hey Paolo, go upstairs and tell him we’re closing!!!”
“Can I just rinse off in the shower? I promise it won’t take more than 2 minutes”
“NO!! I wanna get outta here man”
“Ok. Ok.”

So I spent the next 15 mins waiting for the bf, sweaty and feeling slightly like a reprimanded school girl. Despite this experience I can’t help but think how much I like this gym. I’ve been enticed by others due to super-nice trainers (ask for Laura if you go to Equinox) and merely location (downtown close to work). But here, I just love how I can lay in the eucalyptus-misted steam room, watch the tube as I do cardio, do yoga at my own pace in the “Mind and Body” rooms, use as many towels as I want not having to think about laundry and MOST importantly frolic around naked in the bathroom with mirrors left and right. I admit. I’m a nudist at heart.

The only problem is, with every trip I make to the gym I end up eating more and more each time. It’s ridiculous. People at work say “You’re burning fat, so you need to eat to refuel energy.” I refuse! There’s got to be a way to control my uncontrollable appetite cause unlike Livie, my tum tum can’t get any bigger.

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