Saturday, April 21, 2007

1 ½ days and 8 eateries in LA: Part II

Driving down the Highway 5 to LA somewhere between
Bakersfield and Pasadena, the bf and I had to endure 2 whole minutes of unspeakable stench. Throughout the dark merciless journey, we did the following:

- Went at 110mph

- Held our breaths

- Failed miserably

- Played a game of “Guess what this smell is”

A. Garlic farm

B. Sewage farm

C. Endless junkyard

Not surprisingly, we found out on our drive back that it was none other than…

…a COW farm!

Continued from previous LA entry - I'm still digesting:

Dinner at Gypsy Café in Westwood, a Bruins-infested area
Lana, I kid. Confession: I loved Westwood while living in ghetto LBC

The Dexter crew

Dessert anyone?

Diddy Riese raised their cookie
ice cream sandwich prices from $1 to $1.25!!!
Rip off. Hmmph

Liv digging her teeth into a
White chocolate macadamia cookie
+ strawberry cheesecake ice cream
+ chocolate pecan cookie

Sharing's caring - we strongly advise

Liv and I picking at the sandwich cookie while
waiting for Dan in the carpark

Supper at Tea Station
How could anyone resist?

The highlight of my trip to LA
before I discovered Pink Berry:
Brick Toast!

Been waiting for this day since last July

The bf ordered "Pork Pacman"

Pacman's eating pacman

Dimsum for brunch

The boys:
Uncle Kwang & the bf

The bf struggling with a
"Golden sand bun"

So long. Farewell.
Until we meet again in May!

Driving in the sun leaves him thirsty

My snack all the way back

Until we found this

I know I haven’t been sticking to my diet. You don’t need to remind me. I’ve been binging on icy foods, sour stuff and everything (bad) imaginable. For my insolence towards Mrs C, I am now suffering from major allergies. Imagine sneezing 15x every morning, 20x after each shower, and EVERY time someone touches your nose. Yes that happens often enough. I promise I'll be good - starting tomorrow.

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Olivia said...

lately i've been eating a lot of things that have been causing my allergy issues to arise as well.. chocolate, spicy food, olive tapenade, MSG.. guess chowing on forbidden foods is worth the agony...

imma binge eat the next few weeks to prep for the SF visit.. the larger i make the tum tum, the more food i can cram in! <3