Saturday, March 17, 2007

Retail therapy for the bumblebee

One rainy day, a depressed bumblebee stepped out of her office, took a walk to Bloomingdale’s, and within 15 mins made an impulsive (ridiculous) purchase. Even so, it brightened the skies a little and she fluttered home happy as a clam (bee).

Ever since I scored my new job last December, I haven’t really treated myself. Instead I spent most of my well-earned cash shopping for the people I love forgetting what it’s like to buy anything for me. I think I deserve a treat right? Voila. A David Yurman’s 70” box chain necklace. After all, it’s chic, simple, classic and totally Kate Hudson – except that hers is gold and I can only afford silver.

A couple of weeks later, the unsatiated bumblebee went for another shopping spree and ended up with this…

And this…

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