Friday, March 16, 2007

Featured on “The Coveted”

This afternoon I made an emergency run to Neiman Marcus for some moisturizer. I don’t usually make beauty purchases at dept stores (online shopping rocks!) but this time I had no choice because my nose was rubbed dry from excessive sneezing. Little did I know I was to be stopped by fellow blogger Jennine who writes about fashion on “The Coveted.”

As I hurried along Sutter with my headphones snug and Arcade Fire playing at full blast, a petite lady came up to me. My initial thought was that she needed directions. But when she requested for a picture on her blog, I let out a nervous laughter and said, “I don’t pose too well.” Turns out, I didn’t have to pose. Jennine's a great photographer and I’m now featured on The Coveted - under street fashion. Fun blog. It's worth checking out. I always wanted to do a blog about fashion but I figured that’s too niche for someone like me who can’t stop bzzzhting.

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