Thursday, March 15, 2007

Escape to a world of career…

…opportunities. Live a life without stress*.

"Here in a place where most MBA-grads consider paradise, you can lean back on your ergonomic chair and enjoy the calming sounds of city traffic, explore the exciting safari of capricious clients, sip complimentary bottomless mugs of coffee and let’s not forget, escape from realities of the world you can’t handle."

Sounds like it just might work (no pun intended) huh? Well it does. For days I’ve been homesick, slightly confused, deemed depressed and absolutely incompetent at work. Ok maybe not incompetent. But if I keep going on like this blogging in the afternoons when I should indeed be grabbing lunch or working, I might as well be f*kin incompetent. My solution? Immerse myself with work. So today I stayed late enjoying the mystifying shows performed by my Excel sheet as I ate post client meeting cookies. Ahh. That’s the life. I guess.

*Includes stress caused by factors such as nagging wives, poopy pets, and outdoor pollution. Does not include stress or possibly stress-related situations caused by work environments.

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