Monday, March 19, 2007

A day in the SJ sun

Since we missed most of the St. Patrick’s Day fun yesterday (people were getting trashed drunk on the streets while we stayed home and watched The Godfather!), the bf promised me a productive Sunday in San Jose. I’d write the events of the day in narrative but I figured it’s more fun captioning pictures.

Introducing the world's dorkiest golfer practicing swings at Burlingame range.
There's a video of my swing. Not sharing that!

Lunch at Cupertino Village.

The usual order: lu rou fan (braised meat rice) and Chinese tea.

Post-lunch shopping at Santana Row – a Japanese store stocked with really pretty paper…

…and creepy little dolls

As the sky got darker…

I got myself a strawberry cheesecake for the ride home.

Don't bother me, I'm eating…

Results of the usual C&D weekend.

My stash of stripes, stripes and more stripes!

That wasn’t too terrible right? My captioning that is.

I didn’t add that at the range I sucked, threw my club on the ground and eventually gave up. I also got to drive the bf’s new A3 for the first time. Despite being stuffed with lunch, we stopped at 99 Ranch for chocolate biscuits, aloe vera juice, lychee Fruitips and one jicama. And most interestingly there was a white Tod’s bag half off ($1200 down to $600!). I was tempted. But considering my most recent indulgences, I decided to pass. This proves that I have at least some willpower left in me. Phew.

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Randy said...

creepy dolls and danielle have the same haircut!