Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spoiled silly

...then tortured silly by the Google Analytics IQ Test I had to take for work.

Having enjoyed a lovely weekend with the family, I was going to start this post with a sunnier disposition. Though after reviewing Conversion University's video-after-video and spending much time deliberating over questions (70 to be exact - eep!), I can only be described by 2 words: utterly exhausted. Thank God I passed! Did I tell you I wasn't the technical sort?

Sporadically captioned photos from our time at home because I need to hit the sack for an early AM meeting:

Here's our lovely Lola who wakes everyone with her playful licks. She's so fluffy - I miss her!

I'm bored. Should I wake him?

...ah heck. Why not?

The bf: Yaaargh! Slobber!!!
Lola dear: Smoooochies#!!

In addition to Lola's licks, we also woke up to freshly squeezed OJ thanks to mommy dearest.

Even better, that morning the bf and I woke up to a bonus: Dad's abalone wanton noodle breakfast. Super yum! Viv coined the term yau chin lo wan tan mee for this, having tried the Rich Man's Fried Rice at Gu Yue Tien

Here's food photography at its best. Credits to the bf and dad for staging the scene. No one brings food alive like you guys do! Check out those dragon abalone eyes!

After breakfast, the boys played pool...

...while the girls sang karaoke

We received some exciting news at home. Littlest sis is a probationary prefect just as I was! How cool is that? Keep it up kiddo!

Dim sum at Gu Yue Tien where we started off with choi sam juice and a dash of lemon juice. Refreshing, though I don't quite know how to say choi sam in English, and therefore can't recreate this myself :(

Something super light followed by soft boiled egg with foie gras. The Chinese is all about balance right?

This one's for you Sandhya!

The 4 sisters. I was actually on the phone with Freda :P

Little sis with her new IC! Berlin shades

Shy littlest sis with dear yee ma

Do we look alike?

Bunny in a bow

♥ The Chong family portrait ♥

Mini reunion with the high school friends. That's me petting Amar on the head - kinda like in a petting zoo. Just kidding Amar!

Catching up with Freda's always good fun. The last time we met was in Shanghai

Group shot that ended the night

More photos later. Gotta catch my Zzzs before I catch the bf's flu...


sandhya said...

thanks for posting the pics, hun! I cant wait to see you in June!!!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

can't wait to see u too! think of where we could meet cause i am so out of the sf scene :)

i'll try to post even more soon sandhya! really love this purse and am wondering how i can keep it clean/white.

agrasshopper said...

first time i see all your sis together...all very pretty! heehee feel so sad to miss you during my recent trip to sg. i really hope to be able to catch up with you soon. take care meanwhile. dun work too much!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

swk: np! i'm sure we'll get to hang out again soon. little grasshopper's so busy meeting everyone this time round. grr :]