Thursday, October 22, 2009

There's a first for everything

I once saw a print ad showing a grotesque figure in a living room, legs crossed and reading the papers. The space was set to look dim and ominous with a beer can on the coffee table, which I’m sure was added for effect. Summing it all up, was a headline that read:

"No child should ever have to live with a monster."

That ad, was nothing short of brilliant. It hit me on all the right (or wrong?) nerves and I felt an immediate abhorrence for child abusers and empathy for its victims.

This past week, when dealing with someone whose name is unmentionable for various reasons, I was brought back to the time when I saw this ad. Instead of the living room, the grotesque figure was seated in his cubicle, headphones blasting. When he spoke, his mouth spewed yellow gunk laced with anchovies and everything gross imaginable. Every word that rung in my ear was foreign, yet you’re sure they can’t be pleasant at the tone in which they were delivered.


The only thing left to be hopeful for is that I have a strong team.

Monsters never last long anyway.

Especially when they’re morons.

'Nuff said