Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our very own October babies

I love Librans. They're fair, charismatic, easy-going, sociable and usually make SUPER friends.

My childhood bestfriend's Libran. The bf's Libran. Dearest Kit and Jeeves are Libran! Gosh, I've surrounded myself with indecisive, flirtatious and self-indulgent* people! Lol.

*Also traits of Libran according to

While we can't celebrate Kit's birthday today, we were lucky enough to catch up for Jeeves' birthday over blueberry cheesecake and laughs. Happy birthday to both. We love you loads!

30 again! Hope life decisions get easier over time ;)

Message that I personally piped on Jeeves' cake. Folks at Bakerzin couldn't manage the "maple" leaf! I was really excited when they let me in the kitchen and suggested that I teach macaron classes over the weekends! So very cute

The fab crew

Ross and Ling looking cute

Kit looking hot

And Jeeves...

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Abe said...

Is that a hemp leaf?