Monday, September 14, 2009

Graciously lost in limbo

We are back!

Though it felt good to sink our fatigued bodies into a cushy bed after a loooong 20+ hour flight from NY, I have to admit, I am feeling a tad bit unsettled.

How long will it take before I get used to waking up and not feel Leo's or Bo's morning licks on my face? Is it normal to go through days without having a list of new and exciting places to explore everyday? Will my hands feel empty from not carrying a cardigan around everyday, for fear of seasons changing?

It's been an amazing, almost surreal, 2 weeks with old friends and a lot of good food. Some adjustments will have to be made as I start my new job/commute tomorrow and get back into the swing of things in Singapore, which admittedly, I did miss because this is where I now call home.

Quick recap before I start posting pictures:
  • Livie's wedding reception was SUPER fun. We knew she married right when her father-in-law started pushing everyone to "shot gun" cans of beers in his kitchen. The result? This. And her mother-in-law definitely has her head screwed in the right place when she decided to book a room at a hotel that night. Way to go Moores!
  • We love you Liv, and are glad you've found your match in Peter :) I wasn't kidding when I asked to write. Please do so as we miss you dearly every day we're apart.
  • Shinta and Erick has a beautiful apartment in the Sunset area which encouraged me explore that side of SF for the very first time. I cannot believe we lived in SF for 5 years and spent most of our time in the north east neighborhoods. Thanks for having us dear friends!
  • Wendy and Marcos were the BEST hosts we could ask for in NY. We will certainly miss having you both as roommies! Who am I gonna go to for advice on outfit selections everyday? And who will laugh at Chris' dude jokes now? You guys have just been lovely company. Please come visit soon so we can have breakfast with orangutans together
  • Ryan is truly one of the nicest guys on earth.
  • We are as familiar with the streets of Boston as we were 5 years ago and will continue to love it the same way we always have: as college town
  • The bf's Boston landlord did not change the locks to his old apartment!

Our conclusion? The US hasn't changed much over time and it felt like we never left.

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