Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Good times

We were fortunate enough to have visitors in town these past few weekends. That usually means good company, good food, thus good times!

When my sis and her bf visited, we discovered Akanoya, one of the coolest Japanese restaurants in town, serving food the robatayaki way. Though on Tanglin, the izakaya-style place is so unassuming we only chanced upon it while looking for a place to eat around 12AM. The Japanese (we think) chefs cook fresh bbq food right in front of you and serve food using wooden paddles, which they extend from across the bar. It was all very novel.

We also went to the Tippling Club to sample the closest to molecular gastronomy in town, and was slightly disappointed by the food. Though not so much with the lofty ambiance and decor. The bar was unique with liquor bottles hanging from hooks in the ceiling, secured by cable ties. And we had a lotta fun just chatting and happily eating green curry foam.

Sis and Danny

Singaporean Hokkien mee at the Wisma Atria food court. I know mall food courts aren't always renowned for rustic good food, but I loved this dish. And if you're lucky, you may just get to watch the chef cook while waiting in line

Bobo and me

Bailey's cake at the Cookie Museum. Worth the whole $20 *Gulp

Having afternoon tea with Serene and Anita

Brunch at Jones the Grocer where cotton candy costs the same as a plate of bacon and eggs. There's something funny about that :) Loved the mushrooms!

This Friday, it's our turn to be visitors. Can't wait!


serene said...

damn i miss the breakfast at jones the grocer! and the hae bee hiam cookie! have a good trip the both of you!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

hey serene, come visit again soon. i've discovered a few more places we could check out together!