Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sugar and spice and everything nice

That's what Valentines are made of

...along with pink and red M&Ms.

The bf and I decided to skip the conventional celebration over candlelight dinner this year. Potentially bad service, overpriced menus and crowded dining areas -- not an experience we're ready to have. Last year, we spent Valentine's Day at a hospital. I guess we're just cool like that.

Being a sucker for all things romantic (I mean come on, haven't you seen my floral cupcakes and frilly dresses??!) I do have a soft spot for this holiday. Mock me all you want but I haven't been buying any heart-holding stuffed toys. Instead, let me present:

Brownie cookie lollipops

Mini cut-out heart cookies

Place heart here

Barrel of Monkeys with lots of love

The bf's present: a leather Siglo cigar case. Cedar-lined with a humidifier and his favorite Partagás to go with it

Sealed with a kiss

Now I'm listening to Sound Team's Movie Monster writing notes to faraway friends. It can't get more romantic than this.

I'm going for a run.


agrasshopper said...

thats so sweet! I love the wrapping of the gift and of coz those cookies! wish you were here!

sinKApolean said...

the wrapping was done by a madwoman...MADWOMAN ALL NUTS CRAZY COCOCNUTS

veron said...

love those adorable little heart goodies. I bought 4 heart mold pans and failed to use them because I was so busy with my day job. We stayed home tooo - hubby grilled some steaks :)

Vee Ann said...

I love the cut-out cookies! :o)

And I want a note!

I spent my Valentine's at a busy cheapie M'sian restaurant, and then picking up the Boy's mum from the airport. :oP

Cassie Khaw said...

We went prawning in Lakes Entrance and caught bucket loads of prawns....What a V day.

sandhya said...

you need to write a book! with all your lovely pics too!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

seems like everyone had a pleasant valentines... such is the economy huh? perhaps next year will bring more glitter n jingles ;)

Muhammad Hussain said...

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