Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Is this a rant?

I think not. But you be the judge.

I've been reading more than usual local blogs lately because I figured it's a way to wrap my head around this familiar yet foreign culture I've allowed myself to be a part of. Singaporean, Malaysian, Australian and Indonesian. Foodie, Fashionista and plain Cheese Sandwich blogs. You name it. I've probably seen it.

A Malaysian blogger whom I have no way of knowing, other than through my voyeuristic view of her life, is responsible for thousands of posts articulated with poise and charm often unexpected of one so young. It wasn't until I saw a personal video (Yes. As in tape myself in the bathroom clad in PJs kind of personal) post of her speaking in a pseudo-American accent followed by bouts of nonsensical tears that I lost interest. Sigh. "Wasted" as us South East Asians often say.

Less eloquent, is a blog by a surgically-enhanced Singaporean. This one is thrilling and heart thumping like a rollercoaster ride, often times caused by the alien-like photo postings of herself. I continue reading it because the little write ups never cease to break me into giggly fits. The "orange juice champagne" you so loved is called a Mimosa dah-ling.

I don't think I'll ever write as well as crying post-teen blogger or have surgically enhanced doe-like eyes as the Singaporean "celebrity" does. But this little online excursion is proving to be quite educational. I can't wait to discover more. 8 Days anyone?

Thank you God for The Sartorialist. And thank you AO for sharing in the first place.


abe said...

i feel the same about a lot of blogs too. worse thing is, it happens everywhere not just in asia :P

Vee Ann said...

I love awful blogs. :oP

I want to know which ones those are!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

abe: isn't that horrid??! ugh..

vann: shh.. i'll give u the names in confidence via facebook.. although it's quite clear which ones these are.. btw, i read bout chong's "p/s i love u".. totally cracked me up