Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another weekend at home

I'm missing home already. Aside from the tiring 10-hour bus ride, it was an exhilarating trip. Lotsa good food (pics to come!), family time and Lola Lola Lola BO-laaaa!

Forgive me - I'm a lil' nuts when at home. I also drive my mom's Mercedes so watch out!!!

The bf and I are getting our mojo back.* After weeks of adapting to the weather and our new lifestyles, we've decided to lighten things up by planning for year-end vacations. Christmas will be spent in Singapore, followed by a 5 day trip to Bangkok then a short flight to KL for Fay's wedding and back to Singapore before starting 2009 fresh at work. Next on the list: getting an oven, maintaining a healthy work-life balance and fixing my allergies.

*It's only me really. He's always had his mojo


sue said...

hiya there..lovely home...is this yr house in Malaysia?

enjoy yr weekend holiday :)

Danielle Bumblebee said...

sue: thanks for ur kind words! that is home now..

^cherie said...

very cute n lovely!

reminds me of a cottage somehow ;)

Danielle Bumblebee said...

cherie: it was meant to mimic a country home/cottage as my mom loves.. so u're right :)

sue said...

it does look like a lovely cottage..ur mom must be very happy. But i've not seen such design around malaysia..

Is this in malaysia or oversees? cos the landscapping looks different!


Danielle Bumblebee said...

hey sue.. it's in malaysia :) dad did the landscaping and developing.. so maybe that's the reason y it doesn't look the norm..

sue said...

hahaha cause not used to seeing house s with no front gate ala mlaysian style houses mostly got gate..lol
The trees are huge and beautiful as well as the landscaping and could be mistaken as a property in America..i watch way too much US movies.lol

Hope this house will make u feel more at home since it look so much like an american home .


Cassie Khaw said...

Hey Danielle, not meant to be rude. I went home and visited my friend whom I think is your neighbour. I saw your house on the street where she lives....and I was thinking, this looked very familiar.....just to make sure my memory and eye sight are a little bit above average, are you on JLN Bayu 5?

Cassie @ Melbourne

Muhammad Hussain said...

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