Saturday, September 27, 2008

3 days into my 1st job in Asia observations confirm that:
  1. I am no longer the only one who runs on the floor
  2. Foreign conference calls are twice as long and twice as hard to comprehend
  3. Bagel Mondays cease to exist
  4. ...or free (skim/2%) milk for that matter
  5. People are generally friendly even though they may look reserved at times
  6. Polycom triangles are hard to come by
  7. Lunch selections do not limit to salads, juice or frozen meals. There's always food in the area
  8. I genuinely miss my Herman Miller chair
  9. ...and spreading my arms out on my work area. Where's the space??!
  10. I don't think my request for ergonomical equipment will fly
  11. No other agency will have a stationery heaven like the one at Publicis on The Embarcadero
  12. It's not a nonfat half-caf vanilla latte at Starbucks. It's, "Could you make a nonfat vanilla latte (yes nonfat) and make the coffee HALF DECAF and HALF REGULAR please?"
  13. What's with the old dude constantly lecturing us young folks?
  14. Some people wear shorts to work
  15. ...and halter tops, tank tops, tube tops and the occasional mini skirt
  16. My desk is SUPER teeny. Oh did I say that already?
  17. Commuting on the train ain't as romantic as it seems in the NYC movies. Who the hell wears heels on public transportation anyways? Don't be fooled. Think BO
  18. My PC is slow as mollasses


b0ryna said...

Should I say "CONGRATS!" on the job?!?! :) Don't work too hard!! Miss ya and I hope all is well!

okwang83 said...

Congrats! Where'd you get a job? Once I confirm when/where I am getting my MBA, I am going to take two weeks off and visit you guys. If all goes well, this will be sometime around mid-December!


veron said...

Hope you adjust well. Your plight sounds familiar as I've worked in Manila for a few years. At least there is food all around. :)

Danielle Bumblebee said...

borina: thanks dear.. i'm still kicking myself for working and not taking any beach vacations!

livie: thanks.. i'm with mccann worldgroup.. lol.. totally predictable on my part.. i was hoping to take a break too but ended up feeling restless.. come visit! dec's always a good time for holidays..

veron: manila must've been an adventure.. singapore's a lot less adventurous in many ways, hence the "culture shock".. otherwise, it's still going to be a (adjective TBD) ride..