Thursday, August 28, 2008

Seems like a year ago

.Me playing with Ian the inchworm at the LA shoot

The bf and I have been spending every single day working on the move. Packing. Tossing. Selling. U-hauling. It's all very new and exciting, not to mention, extremely tiring. And because we've accomplished so much in the past few weeks I feel like it's been a looong time since I was last at work. Can anyone help me remember when I had my HP notebook glued to my hand? That was barely 2 weeks ago!

Boy do I miss that notebook.

Admittedly, my last few weeks at work did involve sunshiney days at Santa Monica, 5-star rooms at the Huntley hotel, cocktails at the Penthouse, 3-hour spa treatments at the bestie's hotel, getting sun-kissed (not a tan, because we all know that's impossible for me) lying by the pool, client dinners and endless goodbye parties. Now when I think back on my last moments at work, memories of the photo shoot will inevitably flood in. It all seems too perfect.

A week after paradise, Livie and her beau came to town and we had drinks every night followed by hearty meals at Zuni Cafe, Yank Sing, and Epic Roasthouse. Talk about indulgence. We're going to miss you Livie! Who am I going to stuff my face with in SG?

P/s: I can't stress this enough but Chris and I are really just going to be a flight away.



veron said...

I love Yank sing and I did stuff my face with dim sum. Zuni Cafe has been one of my favorite meals in San Fran. The roast chicken and bread salad and their ceasar salad.....YUM!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

veron: yank sing's good but a tad bit overpriced for what it offers.. next time u go to the city, try mayflower on geary.. it's our FAV dim sum joint ever.. so much so that we went there twice during our last week in sf :) keep up the great macaroon baking in the states.. i'm missing everything already...

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