Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I had started a blog post prior to this one, but after what happened tonight I just have to "OMG" post about this other thing!

As some of you know, the bf and I spent the whole day loading boxes at our shipping company and decided to celebrate our weeks' worth of work with a long-overdue 4 year anniversary dinner at
Fleur De Lys. After dropping the U-Haul truck off, we came home, spent about 30 mins getting ready and headed straight to the restaurant downtown.

From the moment we entered the place, the service was as the bf noted "A-A-A" or rather 3As. Sure it has a somewhat stuffy old school jewel-box like feel and most of the clientèle was 40 and older but with every bite of each course came an "Ooh" and an "Ah." While the oohs were for the unexpected, the ahs remain apparent for the traditional French touch each dish carried. Before I bore you to death with terribly foodie talk let me just get to the point.

Our experience at the restaurant, although pleasant from the start hit a different note when we saw Hubert Keller himself having an unassuming dinner at his own restaurant. Between giggles and peeks, we tried to keep composed while having a first class view of the chef from where we were seated. When dessert came, the bf and I both spent a good 5 minutes poring over the Fleur burger: a lightly spiced dark chocolate ganache, home-made Beignet, banana flavored milkshake, & frozen fennel ice cream "Pomme Frites" all made to look exactly like an In-and-Out meal (but tasted nothing like).

Between bites of this teeny fruit-filled burger, a server brought to our table a candle-lit vanilla bean mousse with the note "Happy 4 year Anniversary" written in chocolate. I was surprised at the attentiveness of the staff as I hadn't mentioned the occasion except perhaps under the notes section in our OpenTable reservation. This was followed by another surprise: a plate of petit fours gently laid on our table by another server who said, "Compliments of the chef. Congratulations on your 4-year anniversary."

My heart beat EVEN faster when Mr. Keller himself approached us in his humble chef uniform and started chatting with the bf. With everything going on, I don't recall much of the conversation except for the occasional mentions of grilling, tomatoes, cast iron pans, and good steak.

We were sent off with leftover petit fours and a few books, one specifically on heirloom tomatoes. It was truly an eventful night made more so when the cab the restaurant called for us was the exact cab we had taken earlier that day. I can't think of a more surreal experience. As if 4-years of a relationship isn't enough :)

Thanks for the amazing night hon. I love you for taking me out to these nice restaurants even though I know you'd rather have a burger. Kisses*

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agrasshopper said...

WOW. you must have thought this was all a dream! Isn't it a sweet sweet end to the last few days of your crazy life here? This is a lovely way of SF saying goodnight to you and also, welcome back anytime ;)