Tuesday, July 29, 2008

All that jazz

This was what Wendy and I had planned for this coming weekend:

Brunch: 12:30pm Union Sq Cafe
Dinner: 7:30pm Jean-Georges (Pre-Fixe/Tasting Menu only) with Ryan

Brunch: 12:00pm Pastis
Dinner: 6:00pm Gotham Bar and Grill with Arielle and possibly Steve

Dinner: 7:30pm Eleven Madison Park (Pre-Fixe/Tasting Menu only)
Buddakan for drinks

Breakfast: H&H
Lunch: Grimaldi's
6:30pm Adour Alain Ducasse (Pre-Fixe/Tasting Menu only)

It took us two weeks to put the list together, but all that is no longer happening. And meanwhile poor Wendy's slaving away in Italy :( I'm so bummed I won't get to see everyone I had planned to meet there. Good thing is, I'm still meeting Livie in a week.

This past month has (yet again) been a whirlwind of events. There were so many things that happened but didn't get a place in this blog because I've just been too busy.
Night out with the girls at Harlot. Dinner alone and chat with bartenders at Spruce after getting my hair done. Cocktails with Shinta at the Spruce bar. Meeting crazy fake French man on Clement. Scoring a super cute bikini at Reiss. Karaoke at J-town and Bohemian Rhapsody. Sunny Sunday afternoon at Pizzeria Delfina. Drinks at Sweetie's with coworkers. Bowling event at the Presidio. Frida Kahlo exhibit at the SFMOMA. Guacamole, shrimp mole and fish tacos at the oh-too-Marina Mamacita's with Borina.

The last SF Macarune orders - picked up over the weekend

The most recent meal I cooked

Pappardelle pasta with bacon and blue cheese sauce complete with an egg on top (ala Christopher)

And the last time I used our Braun Multiquick Handblender before deciding to sell it. Spinach soup topped with crème fraiche and crispy bacon

I wish I had some soup now. This weather/allergies/seeming cold is driving me nuts.


abe said...

omg! ur food looks just like in the restaurants. keep it up!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

thanks abe.. i really dont have trained culinary skills but i love food (and i try!)