Monday, June 2, 2008

Feeling pink

I’m feeling in the pink today -- not to steal Lilly Pulitzer's tag line or anything.

Thinking back, I haven't bought or worn anything this color since college (unless you count blush). Black, gray, navy, cream, blue, white, and more white. That's been my wardrobe the past 3 years. It's such a lovely hue, I don’t know why I ever stopped. Effortlessly so, it all came back to me during an accidental shopping spree this afternoon.

Jersey pink top with bow on the side. I love the ballet neckline on this, and tried to take a picture of the back but this was the best I could do

Humble spoils of the day

This top makes me feel like I'm in college again: carefree, young, and innocent. And it matches the new Tod's wallet that just came from NY!

Could it be the recent opening of the girlie Sex and the City movie that got me into pink all over again

The girls and I watched the much anticipated yesterday. First it was dinner at Out the Door, then IceBee for frozen yogurt, then the movie, and finally Cosmopolitans. Most of us thought the movie was disappointing. The script was lackluster and repetitive of the series, and the plot was to me, unrelatable. Regardless, it was the perfect way to spend a Saturday night.

There were SO many girls dressed up for the event, people-watching became an activity. Wendy even told me that in NY, some girl standing in line for the movie took off her flip flops and changed to Manolos. Lol. How funny!

1 last pink goodie: surprise 18th birthday gift for my lil' sis


Veron said...

I've always love pink. Though pink does not always love the Tod wallet. Now your making me want to go on a shopping spree!

Daniel said...

ur looking kinda hot with ur big head being covered, lol

Gerald Chong said...

fuyoh! Gaya giler pompuan nih :P

Anonymous said...

wowwww thats A REAL SURPRISE

Danielle Bumblebee said...

veron: thanks veron.. i'm sure pink looks good on u.. it certainly matches ur lovely maccies!

dan: gee thanks :P

gerald: eee.. that gives me the jitters

anon: it sure is!