Sunday, June 1, 2008

In the rush of things

hey ur blog is acting weird..u know that?
no it isn't
daniellechong: y do u say that?
b/c it doesnt show any post
it just says "shut down
daniellechong: i did it on purpose
daniellechong: it's my way of being a depressed artist
daniellechong: LOL
I knew u were an artist

That was a friend being supportive of my "creativity," since he saw this handmade invitation. Little does he know, that this is actually the closest I've ever been to being an artist:

Guess who?

In my Sculpey phase of 2007, I made a miniature bf with a tan, spiky hair, glasses, big feet and all. He's also wearing the Fidra Golf shirt I got him! Not as adorable as the real thing, but this will do for now huh?

Today, I took a stroll back from the gym as opposed to my usual sprint. It occurred to me then that I've been rushing through everything in my life. Speeding through college. Graduating early. Achieving a multitasking record of doing 5 things at once (talking to mommy dearest on the phone, making macaroon batter, sending emails, watching 30 Rock, all while boiling sugar). Speed walking through crowds in the airport regardless of my destination. Heck I even run everywhere within my agency.

What is it that compels me to do everything so quickly? Is it the Chinese saying I grew up with harng tak fai ho sai kai (walk faster for a better world/life/future)? Or is it just me wanting to achieve too many things too quickly? It's about time I stop and smell the roses. And London is where I'm going to start.

Organic strawberries, raspberries and peaches over vanilla bean yogurt, topped with toasted almonds. This season's fruits are just amazing. I wonder how much they will be missed


Trung said...

oh sh!t! I forgot to give u my extra sculpey before i left!!

Trung said...

btw..i've seen ur "sketchbook" and the fact that u acknowledge that ur not an artist makes you even more of an artist because most real "artist" dont think of their work as art. It is more of a visual expression or form of themselves. Art doesn't even have to be a drawing, photo or a painting either. It can take any your macarunes! (which i still haven't tasted btw).

Gerald Chong said...

i have! It's one of a kind! :D