Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More long weekends please

Something heartwarming:

Dinner with the crew at Two proved to be fun, easy and shall I say, very "grown-up." There's none of the unnecessary drama or trying too hard, but simply good friends talking about their weeks and laughing over comfort food and wine. I do love hanging out with you guys

Something delicious:

Scones on the bread platter! I get excited over restaurants that do a play on pre-entrée rolls (think Bobby Flay or umm, Red Lobster... Lol)

Warm pistachio orange crepe with pistachio ice cream. Just like me to show dessert first :)

Yoshi's beef cheeks with horseradish sauce

My simple ol' chicken and kale

Something homecooked:

Something girly:

Met a dear gf at La Boulange on Union St. to chat over coffee and croissants. It's SO fun, we really have to do this more often

...and finally, something pretty.


Veron said...

Everything looks wonderful, but the one that I'm drooling after is the noodle soup. Oh, And I had fond memories of La Boulange last time I was in S.F

Trung said...

The noodle soup looks the most delicious!! Shrimp?...good! Eggs?...good! Tofu??.....good!!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

veron: it's yummy n so easy anyone could make it.. if u like, u can get prima taste packs in most chinese supermarkets.. p/s: i do love la boulange on a sunny afternoon..

trung: hope u're having fun in florida! have some orange juice for me :)

Trung said...

Indeed I will...I like my OJ with champagne in it though. Hope you dont mind. I'm on vacation!!