Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tragedies begone

I found my current passport but not my old ones. And yes, they will matter. I'm sure they'll turn up soon enough. I shouldn't be dwelling because this kind of attitude just won't cut it for the new year.

Continued from yesterday:
  1. Swear off instant noodles
  2. Work with expert friend to set up the Macarune website
  3. Fix nose allergy symptoms
  4. Hit the gym at least twice a week
  5. Everything (always) in moderation
  6. Travel more outside of the country (both US and home)
  7. Stop dwelling on the smallest of things
  8. Learn to let go
  9. Avoid toxic friends at all cost
  10. Just be happy

I think number 10 sums it all up for the year. Number 7 and 8 should help.

2008 has already started with a few holes (albeit teeny) in my favorite Lacoste tee, the disappearing act of my old passports, and some other unfavorable events. But work starts again tomorrow, and I feel like it's my first day at school all over again.

With a brand new calendar adorned with light pink font over black and white photography, I shall start the year fresh.

Happy New Year everyone!

Notice how we're all looking into different directions? I'm excited to see what this year has in store

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