Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Something's missing

An exhausted coworker yelled at me today for picking up on an error others should've noted in my absence. Others whom I had clearly told over the phone, "I trust that you know the work well enough to make sure everything's in order."

Another coworker stormed out of a room during a meeting having been told to "not be such a jerk." And, I just responded to a scathing email explaining an action I decided to take in my own judgment.

If the bf were here, we'd laugh about these incidents over dinner and Scrubs, but he's on a plane going where he's most needed.

Stepping into the empty apartment, I dropped my bags, headed to the kitchen and inhaled the waft of ginger and garlic leftover from last night's dinner we cooked together. There was a McChicken (the bf's) in the fridge, which I ate slowly standing by the microwave.

I really hope all is well back home.

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