Friday, September 7, 2007


On our 2nd to last day in Seattle, we thought we'd give Pike Place Market another chance and pick up breakfast before taking a water taxi to Alki Beach.

So we got cheesecake from The Confectional...

...some mini doughnuts from the Daily Dozen Doughnuts Shop

...a gyro


...and more piroshky

Despite all the yummies, the bf looks really unhappy here

Much better

He then dropped our map into the ocean to prove how unhappy he was
(t'was an accident)

But later made up for it by renting a 2-person bike

It was great fun but surprisingly kinda tiring


The bf and his brand new Benz

Waiting for the Monorail to take us to the Space Needle for dinner. It got stuck halfway through and people had to literally transfer from 1 train to another with baby strollers and all

Space Needle: over-rated, lousy food (no kidding), good overall service, but just an 80's feel in general. And I mean the bad part of the 80's. It seems as though the restaurant takes pride in the kind of protein they serve, but the way the food was cooked just didn't cut it. Too much salt in the naturally salty seafood pasta ($45) and the overdone tough-as-hell chicken ($38) is enough to make anyone sick. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone unless they have kids who might find the view a novelty

Dry ice in your dessert
How cute
And how 80's

The great part about being on the Space Needle was that we met Mel from the Flight of the Conchords. She was really nice when we walked up to her and introduced ourselves, but the bf was so shy he didn't muster up the courage to ask for a picture. And so we have this to remind us of the moment

Our last morning in Seattle we headed to Honey Hole sandwiches on Capitol Hill for breakfast. It was pretty good with a rock and roll + goth feel to it. I loved my vegetarian Dirt Burger

Can't leave Seattle without first having a cup o' coffee

Can't leave Bootyland, without showing your booty

And that was the last of our trip. As we walked by Bootyland getting over the anti-climax of Capitol Hill, the bf called United to see if we could get an earlier flight home. We didn't fall in love with Seattle the same way we did with Chicago, NY and Boston, but couldn't really understand why. The general public wasn't mean or rude but it seems like everyone had their own tone of offensive sarcasm -- unlike the more understandable kind we experienced in the east coast. Either that or they were p'd off all the time. AND the food, no matter how highly recommended could never EVER beat those of Californian cuisine.

Just basking in the sun at Alki Beach the bf said, "I miss home already" and I found myself feeling the same.


Jia Meei said...

Looks like so much fun! Your booty's rounddd haha mine's flat :( Okay... actually I don't have one.

And I love your complexion!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

thanks.. i get that a lot (skin not booty!) but somehow it doesn't register when i look in the mirror.. must b the psycho-neurotic perfectionist in me :)