Saturday, August 18, 2007

What I did this week is a blur

But what we did last Sunday was lovely.

We missed the Giants game because the bf preferred watching men with sticks and teeny balls. Beats me. The PG-something tournament? ;)

So we drove past the AT&T park secretly wishing for garlic fries. Me sulking. Him feeling guilty.

In the end, we did something even better.

Picnic in the park.

Homemade sun-dried tomato angel hair pasta, carrot ginger soup, apricot chicken salad and sticky chocolate cake washed down with brown bagged beer. We fell asleep in the sun caring little when puppies licked our hands.


Jia Meei said...

Did you get a tan!

Danielle Bumblebee said...

no i really didn't.. must be the shadows coz it takes a LOT to get me tanned.. i'm kinda like casper the friendly ghost :)