Saturday, August 11, 2007

August LA trip summed up

7PM - Dinner at Happi Songs
11PM - Zzzz

Ahi tuna with eggplant tempura

Cold soba noodles with vegetables

Cucumber yuzu shoju cocktail

9AM - Brunch at Le Pain Quotidien - bought a $10 jar of hazelnut praline spread
10:30AM - Pinkberry
11:15AM - Kitchen-supply store shopping at Surfas - bought $100 worth of sprinkles and honey
2PM - Abbott Kinney stroll
2:30PM - Jin Patisserie for tea
4:30PM - Bargain dept store shopping
6:00PM - Dinner
7:30PM - Japantown shopping - bought crab snacks for the bf, mochi from Mikawaya, and red bean Doraemon" donut" dessert
8:00PM - Ce fiore

Organic soft-boiled eggs with bread and marmalade

Strawberry white chocolate and matcha cake

These were surprisingly good considering the size!
Only 3 out of 8 were dry but the rest were light, moist and full of flavor

Korean food binge

Better than Pinkberry
And they don't yell at you for whipping out your cam

10AM - Visit Livie's mom
10:30AM - Breakfast at Baccala
11:30AM - Pickup of snacks for the bf - Vietnamese sandwiches and Taiwanese pork pacman
12:15PM - Mani and pedi at the Dazzling Diva
3PM - Konjac jelly dessert
5PM - Dinner at Phoenix with Livie's dad
7:30PM - Arrive at airport
11:30PM - Dept from LAX


Off to Sonoma tomorrow


Olivia said...

ahh, good times... i miss u already... stomach still hating me tho.

when do u guys wanna meet me in santa ynez? imma research some cheap associate rates... i need a vacation..

Danielle Bumblebee said...


we need a vaca too.. will figure something out.. gonna b tough with negative 57 days off..