Saturday, June 9, 2007

This summer's must-haves

I've had a terribly long week at work. So much so that I’ve been living off pre-written stuff (I’m sorry!), and the bf had to write my previous entry. Thanks love. You're such a sweetheart. *Kiss

As I sank into my couch and felt the weight of the week slowly lifting off my shoulders, I couldn’t help but succumb to the temptation (antidote really) of online shopping. The result?

A bumblebee’s list of this summer’s must-haves and some pretty f'kin embarrassing credit card bill.

My usual summer indulgence: white dresses
Here's an angelic one by, Rebecca Taylor

Marc riding boots for well, riding I suppose
Or if you think they’re made for walking...

A delicate gold cuff to go with just about anything
by, Rachel Leigh

Long printed scarf for bad hair days
by, Karen Zambos

An itsy bitsy teeny weeny polka dot bikini
by, Lisa Curran

The ever important meet-the-parents dress
by, Lauren Moffatt summer ’07 collection

BCBG 60’s style linen dress with embroidered mirror detail
PLUS Mary Jane style flats. I’m in love

Pretty babydoll print dress for sunny afternoons
by, Karen Zambos

Another one of my usual summer indulgences: white camis
Floaty handkerchief top with fine cutout detail by, Catherine Malandrino

Ladies, toss your Tory Burch flats aside
Summer’s the time for sandals with shiny detailing like these
Tapeet rhinestone sandals with ankle straps. How delightfully Grecian!

And finally, something for work (it's only necessary)
Nothing’s cooler than this summer’s blue
I’m loving the length on this shirt dress by Porridge
mostly cause it reminds me of my mom in her 30’s

To be clear, I didn't get everything on the list. I'd be frivolously MAD if I did. IF there is such a thing as frivolously mad, that is.

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