Thursday, June 7, 2007

Our trip to Michael Mina

Hello to all 57 of you Malaysian blog readers out there.

My name is Chris, and I'm the boring looking Asian guy that's pawing Danielle.

I'm the boyfriend. I'm Singaporean. Yes, we think we're better than you and you hate us for it. Haha. Don't worry, I hate myself too.

So Danielle is tasking me to 'blog' about 1 of our recent visits to Michael Mina; a pretty kickass restaurant that doesn't have a silent vowel in the name, but has the classic big plates and the ridiculous prices. It’s pretty good ... its not Ramly Burger, but it'll do.

This dinner was planned about a month before Liv came to visit, we booked about a month in advance (you pretty much have to), and it’s an awesome opportunity to bust out a nice sport jacket, put on a crisp shirt, wear some yuppie loafers, pay $15 to park in the heart of SF, and pretend you're a Silicon Valley exec. The keyword is 'pretend'.

It was a pretty chilly evening, but we got dressed, snapped a couple of pics, and out the door we went.

When you walk up the steps to Michael Mina, you'll soak it all in. The dim lighting that accentuates the flurry candles, the big bold colors meshed with pastels, the pleasant staff dressed in black.

You know, your credit card is going to get pounded.

Michael Mina = Trios.

90% of what you see in the menu, are served in trios. It’s a pretty playful idea, allowing the chefs to really express themselves and experiment with the main ingredient, but still show a dash of their creativity by pairing it with ... stuff. :)

This is our (Danielle and I) 2nd time, but Liv's 1st. There are a couple of staples that you have to try if it’s your 1st time. If it’s your 1st time, I think you have to go lobster pot pie and root beer float. It’s tempting to go for the chocolate trio, but trust me... the root beer float is less decadent, and it captures the spirit of Michael Mina: playful perfection.

I'm not a big gourmet food person, but it’s really easy to see why this place rocks.

The execution is pretty close to perfection. Carrots are boiled just right, meats have the juicy pink center, the sauce drizzles are almost painted, even the ice cubes in your glass of water melt in unison. It's a very pretty sight to behold, and it taste good going down too. Ask Liv and Danielle, I think they'll agree.

For entrées, Liv got the lobster pot pie (she didn't have much of a choice), I got the '3 little pigs' (a pork trio dish), and Danielle got the petrale sole.

When it comes to gourmet food, I always think the same thing when the food arrives:

I'm gonna need a Big Mac/Maggi Mee after dinner.

I think Michael Mina is 1 of the few places where you actually feel full and content, and you don't need a 3-piece meal at KFC, crispy or original. Maybe it’s the trio, maybe it’s the excellent array of tastes in every plate, but hey, it fills me up.

So finally, when the bread crumbs are scattered all over the table, napkins are crumpled and chucked, belts loosened, badgered scraps left on the plates, when all's said and done,...

it was a great evening spent in a beautiful city, with lovely company and awesome food.

What more can you ask for?

Maybe 2 Ramly specials with a Sarsi. Maybe.


Daniel said...

what does pawwing danielle mean?

danielle bumblebee said...

in my dictionary it means to caress? but i dunno what is means in chris' dic..

trust u to ask such a ques! :P u must b really bored in taiwan

Danielle Bumblebee said...

thanks for posting this entry love.. u know i've been super exhausted from everything last week (n this).. i REALLY appreciate it.. *kiss