Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Buh bye bobo

It’s bobo’s last night. I considered doing a video montage of the “moments captured” during our brief time together, but decided against it. Too tacky. Plus it’s still a work week after all and I’d rather be pigging out and gossiping with her. If you’re wondering, it’s ALL good things we’re talking about (you). *Snicker. I kid. We don’t gossip because we’re (really) nice people. Her more so than me. Truth is if I disliked you, you’d know. I’m pretty transparent that way so, no worries.

What do we do then to celebrate bobo’s dept to NYC?

  1. First, Pakistani dinner and walk at the Mission
  2. Then pop our reserved bottle of Krug. Can’t think of a better night to do it. And yes, I know it’s a Monday. You don’t have to remind me. But who knows when we’ll see her again right?
  3. Finally, THANK everyone involved for the wonderful time
    • Thanks Anita for gracing us with your presence. You know you’re welcome here any time. There’ll always be snacks in our fridge and the ever-so-faithful aerobed
    • Sorry aunty for filling your daughter with so much sugar. I get my blood-sugar-level checked now and then, and it’s always been well, umm level. If I can handle it, I guarantee she’ll be fine by the time she gets home to you. Promise
    • Thanks (to the) lovely bf who’s been a sweetheart thus far driving us around town, tolerating our excessive giggles and whispers. I love you

*Kisses to ALL in my tipsy state


Jiameei said...

I likey your flowery smock tube thingie top :)

And I wanna link you up too! Been meaning to do that just waiting to get green light from you

Danielle Bumblebee said...

thanks! it's 1 of my fav summery tops..

u totally have the green light to proceed.. i won't b adding links immediately to my blog, but am workin on it.. will keep u updated!