Monday, May 21, 2007

Baking with bobo

Bobo and I baked together for the very 1st time the other night, and we made PERFECT macarons!!! See bobo? Told you you were a baker at heart :)

Pre-baking snack


A chef's best friend: the blowdryer

Nice and dry

Macarons forming 'skin'

Perfect lil circles
Bobo drew cupcakes on the parchment

Making matcha cream cheese frosting

Earl grey cookies coolin while we waited for our macarons

Bobo happy

Bobo wrote that (for no apparent reason really)
But it worked like a good luck charm

See feet!!!

Bobo the chef piping

Green tea macarons

Speed cooling our goodies by airing the kitchen

Aww. Look at our babies

Proud mommies

All stacked up

Ta da!

Innards, as some experts would call it