Friday, May 11, 2007


The boss called today to say “Listen. You’re obviously unable to focus on work (probably the result of some 100 puzzling emails sent in the AM). You need to sleep, get well, and come back when you’re ready.” Harsh as this may sound, it was actually really nice of her.

It’s been a whole week since I first developed a slight soarness on my throat. I don’t understand why it’s taking this long to get better. WHY???!!! Antibiotics aren’t as magical to me as they were with my previous bugs (cold/fever in Dec ’06, another cold in Feb ’07, fever in March ’07). Come to think of it, I was never given antibiotics for the colds I got because they were viral. And I got better didn’t I??! WHY??!! A whole week is a lot of work and baking’s worth. I’m pretty much wasting away in my PJs drinking sweet chrysanthemum tea and clinging to my fleece blankies. Mind you, I don’t love fleece but it’s perfect for this unpredictable weather. Perhaps the weather is to blame for this disastrous week??! Sunny hot pants weather in 1 day, and Chicago-like-lift-you-off-your-feet winds the next.

Typing leaves me tired. I’m going to bed. And yes, the sun’s still up. I’m as bad as 80 right now. *Sob.

P/s: The bf got sick starting today. Same deal. Ugh.

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