Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tea party for the bumblebee

The other day I was at Anthropologie skimming through racks and racks of items I could never afford. If ever there was a store I want to make my home, it would be Anthropologie. Complete with the most beautiful floral dresses (for every season!), embellished sandals, 1950’s cardigans, table lamps, door knobs and even kitchen supplies, this store is something you’ll never hear the end of from me for I’ve never been more in love. The other place you’ll probably hear just as much about is Forever 21 where I shop for remotely Anthropologie-like outfits for a tenth of the price. Not the same, I know. But hey a girl’s gotta eat.

So there I was daydreaming of owning three lace-rimmed smocks, two featherweight cotton jersey tops, an oversized canvas brown bag with yellow pockets and some soft pink ballet slippers, the kitchen section caught my eye. Stacked neatly next to the multi-colored latte bowls were some pretty gold-rimmed teacups with prints in yellow, pink, red and violet. There were apples lined in gold, birds perched on branches of what seemed like cherries and sakura blossoms. I couldn’t contain myself and bought ten.

Once home I realized I had spent close to a hundred on cups alone. And to top it off I usually drink tea with my favorite huge pink and green striped mug from Anthropologie, admittedly. The teeny ones just won’t cut it for my solo tea moments I thought. Hmm. And how often do I even have tea parties? Surely there was a use for these newly-acquired dainty cups of mine. And indeed there was. Genius idea number 103: papaya-scented candles-in-a-cup. These homemade treasures are the perfect gifts for ladies who like all things pretty (luckily that makes most of my girlfriends), plus I couldn’t resist burning a few at home. They smell so yummy and are ornamental enough to make me feel like I just may be living in Anthropologie.


serene said...

the pics so pretty. i remember the time u brought me to the one in boston :P the shop just smells so nice too haha

danielle bumblebee said...
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danielle bumblebee said...

i'll teach u to make them when u come in may!